Una Emoción Tango Festival
3rd Edition | Barcelona 2019

Antonia Barrera
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Female Technique Sunday


Female Technique 11h30 a 12h30
with Geraldin Rojas.


Female Technique Sunday | Geraldin Rojas is going to get you in shape !

Female Technique Sunday. It is the second part of the class that Geraldin offers. From 11h30 to 12h30. During this class you will perfect your technique as a “follower”, working on axis, alignment, footwork, walking, “adornos” and more. The first part of this class is taught on Saturday. If you want to attend both classes, you can choose the female technique pack. Of course, we suggest you attend both classes. In addition, it is the best weekend of June, speaking of tango, so, you could take advantage and sign up in all activities.