Una Emoción Tango Festival
3rd Edition | Barcelona 2019

Antonia Barrera
WhatsApp: (+34) 636 21 38 31

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Social Tango


Social Tango 14h15 – 15h30.


Social Tango | Knowledge and skills for the dance floor !

Social TangoThis is a class for intermediate level. From 14h15 to 15h30. Increase your level of social dance. It is very important to know that we are not the only ones on the dance floor. It is a responsibility to inform oneself, acquire knowledge, dexterity to integrate and interact with others, and correctly on the dance floor. Visit the website, know and participate in all festival activities. We are a few months away of the arrival of the Una Emoción Tango Festival. Keep in touch with us to let us know, your opinion and suggestions, about this event.